Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The blue dress didn't stay on long

There was a glimmer of warmth today, immediately followed by showery black clouds - and now that the sun has set, the sky is as clear as crystal (meaning it is going to be bloody chilly!). Welcome to autumn, indeed.

Never mind, let our minds wander once again, courtesy of the ever-faboo Soft Tempo Lounge, to more exotic and glamorous places... Such as 1960s Italy, in the company of a woman who could not behave more like a gay man if she tried - a cruisy pick-up while "walking the dog" in the bushes of a park, a shag, a disco, lots of booze and more shagging. Oh, those Bohemians!

This is worth it for the decor alone...

[Featured: Music for night people by Artie Butler]

Monday, 18 September 2017

Stealing people's mail

Sometimes it does seem like technology conspires against us...

After all the debacle with the blackmailing thieves of Photobucket laying waste to our blogs - see here and here - a new problem recently raised its ugly head in the equally sinister world of Microsoft. On the weekend Madam Arcati found he had not received any emails at all since at least midweek, which we reported to the geeks at the place laughingly called "the Outlook.com help desk" (who basically repeat the usual mantra of "clear your cookies", "check your Junk Mail folder" etc, etc) - then today found he could not send any emails either. I got home, and found the latter had happened to me...

Then I read the news headlines:
"We've identified that a subset of infrastructure was unable to process requests as expected, which caused general service availability to drop unexpectedly" Apparently.

"We've redirected requests to alternate infrastructure to restore service, and we're monitoring the environment while connectivity recovers." Whatever that means.

"Additionally, we're investigating an issue in which users are unable to send email messages."
So we weren't being "victimised" after all. I need not have spent days fruitlessly tweaking the computer, the browser settings and all that...


At least Blogger is still "up" so I can have a rant...

Haha, you better believe it

Looking out of the window, it couldn't look more autumnal if it tried. On the whole, I'd rather be in bed...

Never mind, continuing a bit of a "theme" that developed over this weekend - OTT musical numbers from strange places - we're off to the Netherlands [I wish!] this Tacky Music Monday for something particularly mind-boggling to give us that "oomph" we need to wake up and get back to work!

Glass of "Champagne", anyone?

Have a good week, dear reader.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


With the heart-warming news that Serbia's pioneering out-gay-woman Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has openly defied the traditionalist bigots of the Balkans by leading Belgrade's Gay Pride march, so I went on an exploration of my own - into the esoteric world of Serbian music.

And joy of joys - I discovered the simply faboo Olivera Katarina. In her day, the lady was the most popular singer-actress in the former Yugoslavia (and, allegedly, was "the only woman Salvador Dalí knelt in front of", after he attended one of her sell-out concerts in 60s Paris) - and she's right up our streets, dears!


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Moda, vuelta izquierda

Having just booked our February holiday in Benalmadena, I feel in the mood for a celebration...

I know this sort of thing is usually much more at home on a Tacky Music Monday, but how can one resist the espectacular that is Raffaella Carra hosting a stage-full of crap flamenco dancers, children and safety gays, with a tribute to the music of Seville? Not me!

¡Hola, Raffaella! indeed!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Oh oh catch that buzz

The madness that is London Fashion Week has begun again - expect dozens of shots of bemused Londoners and tourists gawping at ridiculously-clad beautiful tall people milling around the Strand...

As we look forward to such a glittering weekend, to get the party started what could be more appropriate than one style icon (Grace Jones), paying due deference to another (Bryan Ferry)..?

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a good one, dear reader.

Thursday, 14 September 2017