Thursday, 23 March 2017

Thoughts for the Day

London Pride has been handed down to us,
London Pride is a flower that's free.
London Pride means our own dear town to us,
And our pride it forever will be.
Grey city,
Stubbornly implanted,
Taken so for granted
For a thousand years.
Stay, city,
Smokily enchanted,
Cradle of our memories,
Of our hopes and fears.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017



‘Can you tell me the way to the fishmonger?’

A man who keeps saying he sees himself as European is rapidly becoming very annoying, everyone has decided.

Teacher Martin Bishop, from Nottingham, frequently claims to have a strong sense of European identity despite only having been to France three times on holiday.

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “I think Martin imagines he’s a sophisticated European citizen who spends his time at Berlin film festivals when he’s not shagging enigmatic Parisian women.

“I appreciate he doesn’t agree with Brexit, but the only foreign language he knows is weird GCSE French phrases like ‘Can you tell me the way to the fishmonger?’

“It’s totally ridiculous because there’s no way British people think ‘Ah, another day in Europe’ when they’re watching Eastenders or standing in the queue in Greggs.

“Martin needs to shut the fuck up about Europe or move there, but he won’t do that because he’d just end up living in a hostel until his money ran out.”

Bishop said: “We Europeans are more cosmopolitan than your average Briton. That’s why we appreciate unpleasantly strong coffee and films about university professors having doomed lesbian affairs with their students.

“Sadly my friends prefer to stay in their little Anglo-centric bubble and aren’t interested in coming over to eat calves’ liver and watch the European Parliament Channel.”
The Daily Mash

Of course.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pop Tarts

Hamantashen = sweet treats for Purim festivities

I have no idea why this may have popped up as a YouTube "recommended for you" suggestion...

...but I am very glad it did!

Billed as a "Purim tribute" [for which I am a little late; it was two weekends ago, sorry] - here's the Offer Nissim remix of Pet Shop Boys' Pop Kids:

That certainly brightened up a dull Tuesday!

Monday, 20 March 2017

Keep smiling through just like you always do

Vera Lynn began her estimable career as a young lass in the 1930s, singing with the orchestras of Joe Loss and Charlie Kunz. A true "East End girl" (she was born in East Ham - one of the neighbourhoods that was devastated by the Luftwaffe during the Blitz), and with her crystal-clear vocal talents, her repertoire of sentimental-but-uplifting songs (such as I’ll Be Seeing You, The White Cliffs of Dover, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, There’ll Always Be An England, and (of course) We’ll Meet Again) and her radio broadcasts and front-line concerts during the darkest days of WW2, she soon became known as the "Forces Sweetheart" and a truly worthy recipient of the epithet "national treasure"...

Along with her cohorts Gracie Fields and Ann Shelton, she inspired many young artistes who followed in her wake, including Ruby Murray, Petula Clark ...and Dame Julie Andrews:

Her career may have waned commercially during the late 50s and early 60s with the advent of younger, fresher styles of music such as rock'n'roll and The Beatles, but she remained prominent in the collective British consciousness - with her own TV show in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and frequent appearances on other variety shows such as Morecambe and Wise (where she proved that she also had the capacity to poke fun of herself):

Here is the great lady singing the two hits for which she is most revered...

...and in honour of her centenary, images and clips of her singing were beamed on to the White Cliffs of Dover today:

  • Among her many awards and distinctions: the British War Medal 1939-45 and the Burma Star; the OBE in 1969; Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 1975 Queen’s Birthday Honours for charitable services; the Freedom of the City of London in 1978; Officer of the Order of Saint John (OStJ) in 1998; Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour in the Birthday Honours 2016.
  • Vera Lynn appeared at the Royal Variety Performance four times - 1960, 1975, 1986 and 1990; she has also performed for HM The Queen on many other occasions including the golden jubilee of VE Day in 1995.
  • In addition to being the oldest living person to release an album (Vera Lynn 100 was released last week), Dame Vera has the unique distinction of having had the longest span in the UK record charts - with three entries on the in the first ever listings in 1952, and still a top-seller today in 2017; her new compilation album of her orchestrated hits is currently outselling the likes of Drake and Zara Larsson by a wide margin.

Happy 100th birthday, Dame Vera Margaret Lynn CH DBE OStJ (born 20th March 1917)!

Oh can't you guess, oh yes yes yes, it's Spring Spring Spring!

Anemone blanda in the garden at Dolores Delargo Towers

Today is the Vernal Equinox. From tomorrow, the days will officially be longer than the nights. Yay!!

This is probably my favourite season. I love Spring.

And so - on this Tacky Music Monday - do The Goodies!

Have a good week, dear reader.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Jukebox Jive

Despite the blustery wind today - empty pots a-flying, rickety fence bending, a decapitated hyacinth and all - I've been keeping myself busy again in the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers, potting on seedlings and digging out troughs full of old soil, ready to fill with some of the host of fuchsias we collected last year.

It's time to relax with some "proper Sunday music", methinks. What better than another session by the magnificent artistes of Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox?

They are utterly fab-u-lous!