Monday, 3 July 2017

That old vo-de-o-do

Sharing a birthday today with such disparate names as playwright Sir Tom Stoppard (who is 80), Broadway legend Betty Buckley (70), Laura Branigan (who would have been 60), Tom Cruise, Fontella Bass, Tracey Emin, George Sanders, Franz Kafka, Susan Penhaligon, Judith Durham (of The Seekers), Julian Assange, Vince Clarke and "Baby Doc" Duvalier, the eccentric genius that was Ken Russell would have been ninety years old today.

As the struggle to wake up this morning is upon us, we need the help of one of Mr Russell's completely over-the-top numbers to assist us in our progress towards the joys of work - and what better on this Tacky Music Monday (and the start of our countdown to Gay Pride on Saturday) than a little Charleston..?

Won't you Charleston with me?
Won't you Charleston with me?
And while the band is playing that
Old vo-de-o-do
Around we will go
Together we'll show them
How the Charleston is done
We'll surprise everyone
Just think what Heaven it's going to be
If you will Charleston, Charleston with me
If you will Charleston, Charleston with me

Roger Ebert review of Ken Russell's The Boy Friend.

Henry Kenneth Alfred "Ken" Russell (3rd July 1927 – 27th November 2011)

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