Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Niet in mijn oren prikke*

I know I only kicked off the countdown this morning, but here's something that's not merely in the true spirit of our favourite city, but also has the added benefit of a "totty of the day" as well!

It's doubtful many people would pay much attention to a song about pigeons - but with its singer Waldemar Torenstra, this is a sight for sore eyes...

I do hope we encounter something like that on our travels.

["Do not peck my ears" in Dutch. Apparently.]


  1. That's it..... take me with you!!!! I will wait on you and yours hand and foot!!!!! And as your aware I love feeding and tending to birds.

    That penis salute reminds to call me my stock broker.

    1. We will no doubt be paying a visit to bars called "Prik"and "Queers" during our stay - right up your alley, dear! Jx


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